President\\\'s Greeting





Through the initiatives of my esteemed consultant and lecturer, Prof. Dr. Hee Won Yoon working as a guest professor in the Department of Korean Language and Literature of Sofia University, Bulgaria; the Central and Eastern European Society of Koreanologists-CEESOK was founded in 2003 and launched its international conference activities. As understood also by means of its name (Central and Eastern European Society of Koreanologists) CEESOK, it is a society founded with a purpose to contribute to the increase of scientific exchanges by developing furthermore the researches of researchers in Middle and Eastern European countries, related to the Korean Sciences. The first conference was issued in Sofia in 2003, at the same date, by the efforts of Prof. Dr. Kwon Jin Choi and Prof. Dr. Soyong Kim of whom professors of the Sofia University. Thanks to esteemed chairmen and researchers giving support and showing an interest to such activities and works; CEESOK has been sustained actively until today its activities and shall sustain them further.


The Central and Eastern European Society of Koreanologists-CEESOK having organized international conferences so far in many European countries and in Turkey had published a communiqué booklet related to each conference, by means of its ISBN number but, it could not be possible to make any academic article publications with ISSN number. Therefore, in order that CEESOK could get developed more and could contribute more to the academic world; we have contributed efforts so as to publish also a peer-reviewed academic journal. I was elected as society chairman in the 18th CEESOK International Conference issued in 2019 in the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius/Litvania. During my two-year duty duration, I have been aiming to develop further the activities of our society. In 2019, the same year, we, as the Main Science Branch of Korean Language and Literature of Erciyes University, received an official ISSN number, with a purpose to publish any scientific articles under supervision of international referee, through an application made to the General Directorate of Libraries and Broadcasting under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey. By doing so, CEESOK has obtained a scientific publication under supervision of international referee. On the other hand, I would like to indicate that I take utmost pride in relation to the publication of its first issue in our country. Furthermore, I’m very glad to inform you that official CEESOK website is at your service.


I wish that this website brings a new breath to the academic world by giving place not only to comparative studies but also to interdisciplinary studies and that the geographical location of our country becomes a bridge between Europe and Korea.

I regard as an obligation to thank the Academy of Korean Studies having supported the official website by providing financial support.


Best Regards 


Prof. Dr. S. Goksel TURKOZU

Chairman of CEESOK