Screening Rules

 The review criteria for the papers submitted to this board are as follows.

1. Consistency between title and content: Consistency and appropriateness of paper content, subject and title.

2. Understanding of previous research: Understanding of advanced research at home and abroad, and reference level of the latest research trends.

3. Originality of paper: Whether the paper content is an original paper that has not been previously presented or published and the degree of originality

4. Appropriateness of research method: Appropriateness and novelty of research methods based on the theory of Korean language studies, Korean language education, and language education.

5. Feasibility of logical development: Contents development based on Korean language studies, Korean language education, and language education, and the degree of feasibility of logical development.

6. Degree of compliance with submission regulations: The degree of compliance with submission regulations of this journal.

7. Adequacy of research data selection: The degree of adequacy of data selection for the subject of study.

8. Sentence clarity: Total table of contents for paper, structure, content arrangement, compliance with submission method.

9. Expected academic contribution: The degree to which the content and value of the paper contribute to leading and developing the theory and practice of Korean language studies, Korean language education and language education.

10. Accuracy and fluency of English (or Korean) abstracts.